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No-bake coconut cake

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20 minutes


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0 minutes


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150 minutes

resting time

You will need:

High-speed blender/food processor, springform pan, baking paper

Ingredients for the no-bake coconut cake

For 12 servings, 1 serving = 1 piece of cake (0 g of sugar)

For the cake base:

150 g walnuts

50 g grated coconut

200 g dates

For the filling:

50 g coconut oil

½ vanilla pod

350 g cashew nuts

100 g dates

200 ml coconut drink

20 g coconut chips (alternatively grated coconut)


Ingredients no-bake coconut cake (recipe no-bake coconut cake)


Step 1:

Line the bottom of a springform pan with baking paper.

No-bake coconut cake (recipe coconut cake step 1)

Step 2:

Place 150 g of walnuts, 50 g of shredded coconut, and 200 g of dates in a blender or food processor and blend to a paste.

No-bake coconut cake (recipe coconut cake step 2)

Step 3:

Spread the paste evenly on the bottom of the springform pan and freeze for 30 minutes.

No-bake coconut cake (recipe coconut cake step 3)

The mass can be spread better if you moisten your hands with a little water.

Step 4:

Melt 50 g of coconut oil in a water bath or in the microwave (use a low setting as it starts to boil quickly!). Halve the vanilla bean and scrape the pulp with a teaspoon or the back of a knife. Then put the liquid coconut oil, vanilla bean pulp, 350 g cashews, 100 g dates, and 200 ml coconut drink in a blender and blend until creamy.

No-bake coconut cake (recipe coconut cake step 4)

Step 5:

Spread the filling on the cake base. Add 20 g of coconut chips on top of the coconut cake. Put the finished cake in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

No-bake coconut cake (recipe coconut cake step 5)

Step 6:

Let the coconut cake defrost for about 10 minutes at room temperature. Cut the cake into even pieces with a large knife and enjoy.

No-bake coconut cake (recipe coconut cake step 6)

If this recipe is not sweet enough for you, feel free to add sugar. Just remember to track the amount.