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Our team

…combines expertise in medicine, nutrition science, and programming.

During our professional careers, we have met many people who struggle with their body weight and go on one weight loss diet after another. However, these people tend to gain even more weight over the long term. Therefore, we have developed Neatic as a natural way of eating for well-being without a yo-yo effect.

Picture of Delia Eller

Delia Eller


Picture of Jacob Fasshauer

Jacob Fasshauer


Picture of Mathias Fasshauer, M.D.

Mathias Fasshauer, M.D.

Professor of Human Nutrition

Picture of Anna Kaiser

Anna Kaiser

M. Sc. Nutritional Sciences

Picture of Nathalie Neumann

Nathalie Neumann

M. Sc. Nutritional Sciences

Picture of Sylva Schäfer

Sylva Schäfer

M. Sc. Nutritional Sciences

Picture of Birgit Weleda

Birgit Weleda


Picture of Felix Wilde

Felix Wilde