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Lime dressing

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You will need:

Whisk, lemon squeezer

Ingredients for the lime dressing

For 4 servings, 1 serving = approx. 50 g (0 g of sugar)

200 g sour cream

2 tbsp canola oil

0,5 lime

some lemon balm or mint

1 pinch salt

1 pinch pepper

Ingredients lime dressing (recipe lime dressing)


Step 1:

Squeeze half the lime. Finely chop some lemon balm or mint.

Lime dressing (recipe lime dressing step 1)

Step 2:

Fill 200 g of sour cream into a bowl and add 2 tbsp of canola oil, lime juice, and lemon balm or mint. Season with salt and pepper. Mix all ingredients with a whisk.

Lime dressing (recipe lime dressing step 2)

Step 3:

Enjoy the dressing together with a delicious salad!

Lime dressing (recipe lime dressing step 3)