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Fruit loaf

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20 minutes


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60 minutes

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You will need:

Hand mixer with whisk and dough hook attachments, loaf pan, baking paper

Ingredients for the fruit loaf

For 12 servings, 1 serving = 1 slice (0 g of sugar)

3 eggs

1 pinch salt

150 g whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking powder

120 g plums, dried and pitted

120 g apricots, dried and pitted

120 g raisins

60 g almonds

60 g hazelnuts

150 g applesauce, without sugar

cinnamon to taste

Ingredients fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf)



Step 1:

Preheat the oven to 160 degrees (if possible, use the convection setting).

Soak 120 g of raisins in water. Cut 120 g of plums and 120 g of apricots into cubes.

Fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf step 1)

Step 2:

Beat 3 eggs with a pinch of salt until you reach a foamy consistency.

Fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf step 2)

Step 3:

Mix 150 g of whole wheat flour and 1 tsp of baking powder, and gradually stir in the egg mixture.

Fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf step 3)

Add cinnamon to taste to the flour and baking powder.

Step 4:

Drain the raisins and add them to the dough together with the diced plums and apricots, 60 g of almonds, 60 g of hazelnuts, and 150 g of applesauce. Knead everything thoroughly.

Fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf step 4)

Use the hand mixer with the dough hook attachment to do this.

Step 5:

Line the loaf pan with baking paper and pour in the batter. Bake at 160 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Make sure that there is no dried fruit on the surface, as it can burn quickly. Alternatively, you can cover the loaf pan with a piece of aluminum foil to prevent any burning.

Fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf step 5b)

Step 6:

Remove the baked fruit loaf from the tin, leave to cool, and enjoy.

The fruit loaf will keep for up to a week in a well-sealed container.

Fruit loaf (recipe fruit loaf step 6)

Sliced, it’s easy freezable, and you can take out as many slices as you wish individually.