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5 helpful tips for changing your diet to Neatic

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We are delighted that you have opted for Neatic and thus for a long-term change in your diet. Now that you have made this decision, you are certainly highly motivated and cannot wait to get started.

But maybe you feel a little overwhelmed and do not quite know how to take the first step? No problem! We have broken down changing your diet to Neatic into five simple steps that you can follow at your own pace.

Step 1: Mental preparation for the diet change

Changing your diet takes time. Be aware that changes do not happen overnight. Do not be frustrated if everything does not work out immediately, but give yourself time to do things one by one.

Changing your diet is often accompanied by negative thoughts as you have to give up delicious foods. Eliminating flavors can make you feel like everything tastes pretty bland at first. And cutting back on sugar may make you realize how addicted you were. In these moments, you must not give in to these thoughts.

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When preparing to start with Neatic, it can therefore be helpful to think about a list of strategies for precisely these situations. This list is individual for everyone. Perhaps you can call a loved one or find distraction in some household chores. You can change this list again and again over time and find out what really works for you.

It can also be beneficial not to implement all the Neatic principles at once. You can adapt the next step according to your strategy. If you do not want to start with all three principles straight away, we recommend that you start with Neatic Principles No. 1 and 2 and leave out Principle No. 3 for the time being.

Step 2: Inventory

In the second step, you focus on the food you have stocked at home. It is best to go through your fridge first and then your freezer. Sort the food suitable for Neatic into one compartment and all unsuitable food into another. This will give you a clear visual separation. Then take a closer look at the food that is not suitable. Proceed as follows:

  • You should eat all opened food products because food waste is never good.
  • You can keep food that is still sealed and eat it. Alternatively, you can donate it or give it to your friends or family.
  • You should dispose of food that has expired.

You can then use this approach for the rest of your food stock. It is important to separate it visually so that you know which food will be suitable for your dietary change and which will not.

Storage jars filled with pasta, rice, beans, lentils

Step 3: Planning

Woman shopping in fruit and vegetable department

Next, check which of the unsuitable foods are your favorites. You can take photos and consciously look for alternatives the next time you go shopping. You can also think about preparing these foods yourself if there is no alternative available in the store. For more ideas on alternatives, check out our recipes.

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Step 4: Inform those around you

The fourth step can be the most difficult or the easiest step of all for you. Tell those around you about Neatic and what this means for your eating habits. That way, others will know why you might no longer drink sugar-sweetened beverages at a barbecue or bring your own snacks to a movie night.

Be aware that there will always be people who understand and others who do not. But do not let this put you off. Unfortunately, we do not know whether the people around you support your dietary change with Neatic or not. But whether they are supporters or skeptics, how about inviting them all to a big party with lots of Neatic treats? You are sure to find a few companions that way!

In any case, as Neatic team we are your biggest fans and wish you all the best with your venture! You can do it!

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Step 5: Implementing Neatic in the long run

It is time to implement your dietary changes with Neatic on a long-term basis. You will realize that it is not that difficult. Once you have found great alternatives for your favorite products and tried out delicious recipes, new routines will soon be established.

If situations do arise that make it difficult for you to implement Neatic, e.g. an invitation to dinner or a craving for something sweet, you will find many more useful tips in our blog.

We would be delighted if you shared your experiences with Neatic with us. Feel free to write us a message! You are also welcome to share new recipes with us or ask questions that have come up on your journey with Neatic.

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