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What is the difference between Neatic and a conventional weight loss diet?


We have collected five points for you that illustrate the difference between Neatic and a conventional weight loss diet!

1. Neatic does not do harm.

Neatic respects the medical principle “first, do no harm” (“primum non nocere”). But what does that mean exactly?

It means that Neatic does not exclude foods that people have been eating for thousands of years. In Neatic, nutritional deficiencies cannot occur in the first place!

The focus is rather on three taste seducers that have only entered our food in large quantities in the last 100 years: Flavors, sweeteners, and sugar.

Wooden shelf with jars filled with cereal and pasta
The word complicated is crossed out, and below it in orange is "simple!"

2. Neatic is simple.

Neatic has three simple principles.

If your whole life revolves around the perfect diet and you have no time or energy for anything else, then something is wrong!

Nutrition is very important, but it should never be your main occupation.

3. Neatic plans for the long term.

Neatic focuses on changes that can be sustained over the long term. That is why the following are missing from Neatic:

  • Chronic hunger – If you are hungry all the time, you have no energy left for happiness.
  • Calorie counting – Let’s be honest, who can keep this up in the long term?
  • Skipping meals – This only puts you in a bad mood and nobody wants that.
  • Regular weighing – Unhealthy focus on body weight instead of the way you actually feel.
  • Limit macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats – Many healthy foods are skipped unnecessarily. 
  • Cutting out meat – Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan – Neatic is for everyone!
  • Unusual foods – In Neatic, you do not need to go to specialty stores!
  • Fitness clubs – Expensive and the exercises can become very repetitive.
  • Special cookbooks and all the other things that get really on your nerves after a few days at the latest! 
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4. Neatic is honest.

Neatic is a long-term natural way of eating for well-being. A “side effect” may be weight loss. However, Neatic does not make any promises.

Long-term weight loss cannot be forced. Pressure to succeed and false promises work against successful dieting and only make you unhappy.

5. Neatic is based on science.

The team behind Neatic combines expertise in medicine, nutritional science, and programming. Neatic is based on scientific findings about the influence of weight loss diets on body weight. However, you do not need any prior knowledge about nutrition and diets before starting with Neatic. 

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