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Eating out healthily?

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Major points:

    • Eating out and conventional weight loss diets are a challenging combination.
    • Choose beverages that do not contain flavors, sweeteners, or sugar and share your dessert with others.
    • Avoid foods that obviously don’t fit in Neatic and choose the best possible option!

Conventional weight loss diet vs. eating out?

If you are dieting for weight loss, eating out becomes a big challenge.
Going out for a relaxed meal with friends or family? Difficult!
Finding something on the menu that fits your weight loss schedule? Twice as difficult!
Explaining how to modify the desired dish? Almost impossible!

But does eating out work with Neatic?

You should be aware that you only have full control over the composition of your meals if you prepare them yourself. Eating out should therefore remain an exception and not a fixed part of your daily routine.

But with social contact comes eating out at times. And that’s great!

Eating out should always be a pleasure. Enjoy your food and the company of your favorite people!

We have a tip for you that always applies when life gets in the way, i.e., any situation where you can’t follow the Neatic principles for sure.

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Avoid foods that obviously don’t suit Neatic and choose the best possible option!

Here are a few examples for you:

  • Choose drinks that don’t contain flavors, sweeteners or sugar. Water is the safest choice. If you need some flavor, ask for a slice of lemon.
  • All sweet-tasting foods contain sweeteners or sugar. Therefore, choose a coffee instead of a sweet dessert. You can also share your dessert with others.
  • Always order sauces and dressings separately. That way you can decide how much you want.